Newton Pty Ltd was founded in May 1989. During the foundation years, Newton was primarily involved in the research, development and installation of high-end public address and audio systems. As electronics and technologies have improved and the needs of our clients have changed, Newton has evolved into a company that today provides fully-integrated communications systems that deliver high-intensity content elegantly and cost effectively.

Historical Highlights

During the 1990's Newton designed and implemented a remote monitoring system for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that was deployed in major airports around Australia. The successful completion of the project led to the CAA and Newton forming a joint venture to develop and implement a multifaceted remote monitoring system. This system enabled air traffic controllers to monitor and control aircraft operations in a number of regions around Australia from one console. The system won the "Best New Australian Electronic Product Award" at the Australian International Electrical and Electronic Industries Exhibition in 1991.

Over the following seven years during the 1990s, The Parliament House of Australia awarded Newton contracts to design and deploy cutting-edge audio control systems for the 14 main Committee Rooms and the Office of the Prime Minister. Newton carried out detailed acoustic engineering research and developed sophisticated audio production systems complete with touch screen interfaces. These systems are still in use today and are considered to be one of the best examples of quality audio engineering and design in Australia.

In 1992 Newton won the contracts to design, manufacture and supply equipment for the National Library in Australia and the Northern Territory Law Courts. These systems included mixing consoles and matrix display units. The Northern Territory Law Courts system won the Institute of Engineers' "Engineering Excellence Award" for the Northern Territory.

In 1996 Newton developed software for the complete public paging system for the new Qantas Terminal at the Sydney Airport. This hi-tech software runs equipment in 14 gate lounges, controlling 19 microphones across thousands of square metres of floor space. Newton has also worked with the Australian Federal Police, National Crime Authority and the Police Integrity Commission to design, develop and supply electronic evidence storage and control systems. The highest level of trust and security clearance was required for Newton to carry out this work.

In 1998 Newton entered the export market with the development of software the largest and most modernized iron and steel complex in China - Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd (for Motherwell Systems Ltd for a project) in Shanghai, China. The project involved the design and development of an automatic broadcast system for a steel rolling mill with a workforce of over 30,000 people.

During the 1990's, Newton established an enviable record in designing and deploying highly customised products for some of Australia's leading organisations. In late 1999 Newton changed its focus and moved into developing products that would have wide market appeal rather than limited and specialist application for one organisation. This led to the development of communication solutions which have a broad global attraction and competitiveness.

Over the last three years, Newton have developed two highly innovative products - e.envoy and e.envoy AdMusic. These products provide clients with a valuable business proposition - cost-effective, high-impact communications systems.

e.envoy AdMusic has been commissioned in the Woden Plaza Shopping Centre in Canberra, whilst the e.envoy solution has already been installed in high-profile environments such as the Canberra Stadium in Australia and The Malaysian Environmental Department.

Newton is already working on the next generation e.envoy system which will compliment and build on current product offerings. We are committed to meeting the future needs of our clients through innovative product development.

Quality Assurance

In July 1994, Newton secured accreditation to the AS NZS/ISO 9002 Quality Assurance standard. As the company moved into design and manufacture in 1996, the accreditation was successfully up-graded to ISO 9001. Since receiving full certification, Newton has undergone regular compliance audits to maintain registration.